Co-Teaching as a Student Teaching Model for Undergraduate Programs

Can co-teaching lead to more new teachers staying in the profession?

Most articles on co-teaching address  the strategy’s effect on students, but an interview from the The Learning First Alliance discusses co-teaching as a student teaching model.

Apple for the new teacherProfessor Nancy Bacharach of St. Cloud State University in Minnesota says they are using a co-teaching model of classroom collaboration in order to mentor young teachers through the student teaching process.

Yes, the interview has some interesting and promising numbers about the successes co-teaching is having for some challenged students.

But is has some other very interesting nuggets.

Like how the ability to co-teach and perform other kinds of collaboration may change the way school districts hire new teachers in the future.

We really need to work on how we prepare our teacher candidates to be collaborators. The world of schools is not one of isolation any more. We have very few classrooms where you see one adult working all by himself. The ability to collaborate, the desire to collaborate, and the skills to collaborate are essential in preparing teachers that are going to be effective with our students in the 21st century.

And another on the bond that teacher candidates are forming with mentor teachers through the co-teaching process.

…the relationships that have been built through the student teaching experience have really strengthened. We’ve finding that the bond between the cooperating teacher and the teacher candidate seems to be very strong, so that when that teacher candidate goes out and becomes a licensed teacher with their own classroom, they feel very comfortable going back to that cooperating teacher, even if they are thousands of miles away, to ask, “This is what happened, what do you think?”

So the bond that is established in the student teaching experience seems to be carrying through much further than it was in our more traditional experience, where the relationship really wasn’t that strong in a lot of cases.

Worthy of brewing some tea and sitting down to read at any time of the year. You can read the full article here.

Can co-teaching lead to more new teachers staying in the profession? An interesting take on replacing “the sink or swim” model of student teaching.

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